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When I started typing up this post, I realized it might be a little funny that my last soup recipe was vegan and this chili is Paleo, even though I’m personally not vegan or Paleo. I mostly label recipes as such to make it easier for people who do follow those types of eating styles to find them. I eat a bit of everything!

So, while this chili does happen to be Paleo and Whole30-approved, it’s friendly for all types of eaters and especially perfect for any sweet potato lovers.

So, what makes this chili Paleo (and Whole30 approved), exactly? Mostly just the fact that it doesn’t have beans since those are a no-go for a strict Paleo or Whole30 eater. Between the ground turkey and sweet potato cubes, it’s so hearty that you don’t miss them!

I did a little research to see if I could figure out the difference between Whole30 and Paleo since both programs focus on eating whole foods and eliminating grains, dairy, and legumes like peanuts and beans. One of the major differences is that Whole30 is meant to be a 30 day eating plan, while Paleo is a lifestyle. Also, Paleo eaters often recreate their favorite sweets using unrefined ingredients like almond flour and honey, while Whole30 bans honey, pure maple syrup, etc. and advises against making “healthified” treats.

But if you don’t care about all of the above, the main takeaway is that this is a great chili to make if you’re looking to try a bean-free chili recipe or if you just happen to be out of them!

Of course, like most chili recipes, this is easily adaptable.
• To change it up: use ground turkey (or even bison) instead of ground beef
• To make it vegan: sub two cans of black beans for the ground turkey

My favorite Paleo-approved toppings are sliced green onions, cubed avocado, and fresh cilantro. My favorite non-Paleo toppings are cheese and sour cream. 🙂

I’m actually planning to make this Paleo sweet potato chili again today! I already had most of the ingredients on hand, and I picked up some ground turkey yesterday, as well as chili powder and ground cumin from the Whole Foods bulk spices section since I didn’t have those in my dorm room. I counted this as 8 ingredients (I didn’t include water or salt and pepper), so it’s super simple. I hope you get a chance to make it soon, too!

Source: https://www.healthy-liv.com/loaded-paleo-sweet-potato-chili/ 

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