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In 2016, an estimated 1,685,210 new cancer cases were diagnosed which resulted in over 595,690 cancer deaths in the US, according to It seems a majority of Americans has been touched in some way by this terrible epidemic. Either you know of someone who has had cancer or worse yet, you have cancer. For many, this diagnosis is almost a certified death sentence. But at The LaCava Center for Integrative Medicine, we believe that it doesn’t have to be this way.

Let Dr. LaCava be your Companion in your Fight against Cancer

In the mid 90’s, Dr. LaCava was personally touched by cancer when his father was diagnosed with stomach cancer. In essence, Dr. LaCava’s father became his first cancer patient. Since then, he has treated hundreds of cancer patients spanning the spectrum of ages, stages, and types of cancer. Utilizing an Integrative Oncology approach, The LaCava Center utilizes evidence based complementary therapies in concert with traditional medical treatments, in an effort to improve overall efficacy and symptom control, while also working to alleviate patients’ distress and suffering.

As a founding member of the International Organization of Integrative Cancer Physicians, Dr. LaCava has contributed in pioneering the Integrative Oncology approach for cancer treatment, and further continues his education in this field through membership with groups, such as Best Answer for Cancer.

The LaCava Center’s Contribution for Cancer Treatment

As an example of our practices of ongoing research in Illinois under the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act and the opening of Medical Cannabis dispensaries in November of 2015, Dr. LaCava expanded The LaCava Center’s treatments by utilizing high THC medical cannabis as a therapy to alleviate pain in cancer patients.

Moreover, encouraged by the research surrounding Cannabidiol (CBD) and its potential as an adjunctive cancer therapy, we have begun to explore its efficacy by utilizing high CBD and low THC strains of medical cannabis. By doing so, we continue to innovate and provide our patients with the very best that integrative and alternative medicine has to offer.

How The LaCava Center can help you

At The LaCava Center, Integrative Oncology is at the heart of how our doctors treat cancer patients. We offer state-of-the-art, personalized medical care in a friendly, inviting environment, shifting all your focus on healing and recovering. Our dedicated team of medical professionals comprises of cancer experts, including surgeons, oncologists, and other clinicians, with the aim to provide you with high-quality, continuous care.

We use cutting-edge technologies and certified testing methods, such as Greek testing and others, to detect, diagnose, and aggressively treat cancer. We educate you regarding complementary therapies and ensure that you and your family members understand their importance and methods of implementation for speedy healing and recovery.

If the traditional cancer treatments have rendered ineffective in your case, talk to one of our cancer experts today. We have office in St. Charles and provide treatment to in all of the surrounding areas as well as Wisconsin. For more information or setting up an appointment with Dr. LaCava, contact us today.

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