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BEMER is here at The LaCava Center!

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BEMER is the world’s most advanced and best researched Physical Vascular Therapy currently
available. It has been scientifically proven to optimize the way blood is delivered to the cells of
the body, especially in the capillaries (the smallest blood vessels that ‘feed’ every single cell in
our bodies).
BEMER has been shown to influence the rolling action of white blood cells (leukocytes) on the
inside of the blood vessel walls. The special protein iCAM (cellular adhesion molecule) on the
outer membrane of leukocytes has shown to be positively influenced by BEMER application. In
the many hundreds of microcirculation videos captured at the Institute for Microcirculation,
Berlin, the leukocytes roll slowly, as they should, within two minutes of BEMER application. This
way they are more effective at counteracting foreign substances and diseases in the body.
BEMER has been shown to proliferate HSP70, a significant ‘repair protein.’ Clinical trials have
been conducted to prove the tumors on mice that are born without immune systems can
survive longer by being regularly exposed to BEMER Therapy – tumor growth did not progress
despite the mice not having an immune system. It was shown that there was a higher
prevalence of HSPs in the mice that were exposed to BEMER more frequently.
BEMER has also been a very effective, safe and reliable complementary therapy for cancer
patients that are undergoing cancer treatment (nuclear-, radiation- or chemotherapy). The side
effects of these medicines can greatly reduce the quality of life of the cancer patient. BEMER’s
positive influence on microcirculation enhances the elimination of cytotoxins and free-radicals
allowing the cancer patient to experience a vast reduction in the common side effects of
traditional cancer treatments.

Why is BEMER safe for Cancer Patients?

BEMER’s patented signal is weaker in intensity than the Earth’s geomagnetic field. The Earth’s
magnetic field has a varying intensity depending on latitude: generally, the closer one stands to
the Earth’s poles the stronger the intensity (60 microtesla); the weakest intensity being at the
equator (30 microtesla). No human on Earth has the sensory faculty to experience this
BEMER’s intensities range from 3.5 microtesla to 35 microtesla on the full body therapy module
(called the B.BODY – full body mat containing special electromagnetic coils which one
comfortably places in one’s bed under the sheets).
BEMER’s intensive applicators range from 10 to 100 microtesla which is still extremely low. The
speaker magnet of an internal earphone or fridge magnetic is many thousand times more
intense than 100 microtesla and these items are 100% safe.
BEMER has been rigorously evaluated and researched by an array of internally recognized
academic institutions and has been tested and approved by the South African Department of
Health (license number 549/7826) declaring it 100% safe for human exposure. It has been
approved for private human use in the 40 countries where it is officially represented and is
applied more than 1 million times per day. It carries the CE mark verifying its safety and quality.
More than 6,700 South Africans apply BEMER daily in the comfort of their homes to effectively
treat their chronic diseases (diabetes and diabetic complications, arthritis, cancers,
hypertension, chronic obstruction pulmonary disorder, Parkinson’s disease, osteoporosis, liver
disease, multiple sclerosis, lupus, psoriasis, chronic fatigue, eczema, to name a few) and acute
or traumatic conditions (stroke, heart failure, influenza, burns bone fractures, surgical
procedures, bruising or haematomas, abrasions, lacerations, insect, snake or spider bites, hypo-
or hyperthermia, etc.).

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