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The LaCava Center for Integrative Medicine is very excited to announce several exciting changes to our practice! First, over the holidays we implemented a new practice management system called eClinical Works. eClinical Works is a robust system with more bells and whistles than we probably know what to do with, but here are a few of their great features:

  1. Online Patient Portal– Pre-register as a new patient, fill out forms, view labs, make appointments, communicate with the office, request prescription refills, and track your progress all from the convenience of your home!
  2. Digital prescription ordering– No more paper prescriptions! Prescriptions will be ordered from your authorized pharmacy during your office visit or upon request and review by Dr. LaCava. This feature is sure to save you time and money!
  3. Digital lab integration– No more faxes needed, our main lab company integrates seamlessly with eCW making access to your labs faster and more efficient!
  4. Improved communication functions– Have a question? No problem! Simply send an email or message through your patient portal and your request is immediately integrated into our system for review. No phone call needed! But feel free to call anyways, our staff enjoys talking to many of you!
  5. Appointment reminders– Life requires a lot of multi-tasking, but your appointment shouldn’t be one of the many things you have to remember. Our system sends reminders either via text, phone, or email. Simply let us know how you want your reminders received and we will do all the rest!

This is just the beginning of what this system can do, and we are so excited to share this technology with our patients, improve our services, and help you on your path to better health!

Second, we upgraded our website www.lacavacenter.com and we are very pleased with the results. The website was created by Nick Magiera, a website guru by night, and Mortgage Lending extraordinaire by day. The website tells a lot about who we are, but also features the Blog page where you can get updates on interesting articles and posts related to many of the treatments we provide. Moreover, it also features a link to our Patient Portal page. Go check it out!

Third, we upgraded our brand and logo. It was long overdue, but we are very proud of the results and can’t wait to start getting you some great products featuring our brand. We’ve partnered with a local embroidering company and will soon be able to get any number of products for purchase such as quality jackets, blankets, shirts, coffee mugs, you name it! We look forward to sharing some of these products with you, and would be delighted if you chose to use and share them with others.

Fourthly, we upgraded our computer software, internet, phones, and security systems. Also, we have new wireless at the office for patients only! While receiving treatment, you can stay in touch with the outside world and get work done, utilizing our convenient password protected wireless system. On your next appointment, make sure to ask the front desk for the login and password.

Finally, a new supplement line is coming soon. Dr. LaCava is very excited about this company’s products and can’t wait to start utilizing them. Are we going to tell you what those products are right now? NO! Come back and check out Dr. LaCava’s next blog post for an update on medicine that has been clinically proven to save lives!

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